Mr. Asif Salam

Sheikh Asif Salam is a renowned Solicitor with over 40 years of experience in the legal realm. He has authored books on various legal matters and also runs multiple publications as editor in chief. Mr Salam is also the founder of a major immigration law firm with offices across the UK. PHONE#1:+447738719265 PHONE#2:08003688811


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Landlord and Tenant

There has been a boom in the rental sector due to significant growth in the number of people who are now tenants in rented property. Unfortunately, this means that disagreements…


Children tend to suffer the most when their parents split, which can often lead to them developing a mental health condition and experience psychological trauma. It is therefore vital to…


Ending a relationship is not easy but choosing the right Divorce Solicitor to help you can reduce conflict and improve the outcome for you. With a legal experience of 40…


Put feedback on google. It was a really good service and I’ve been there twice. I will revisit the chester office next year. You can check google for my review.

Uyesh Sulaimal Lebbe

It was really good. I was quite happy with the service I was provided. I got the result I was hoping for. Great job. It was really good. I was quite happy with the service I was provided. I got the result I was hoping for. Great job.

Sayanta Dutta

We used Salam for the immigration procedures and they were excellent. Walked us through it and we followed their advice. Treats each case as his own. Very grateful to him and pleased with the service.

Byung Keum Lee aka Lilly Lee

Mr Salam is extremely competent. I was going to try to contact Mr. Salam. We tried another immigration lawyer but we were extremely let down. The case Mr. Salam got was very difficult but he worked so hard for us. From experience, he’s probably one of the best immigration lawyers in the UK. Having dealt with other lousy lawyers, it made me realise I had the best immigration lawyer in Mr. Salam. I will be contacting him soon enough again. I would like to apologize to Mr. Salam.

Krishanthi Niroshanie Mendis Balapu Waduge

“He helped me do my reinstatement. The service was wonderful 6-7 years ago. Hopefully when I need to renew the paperwork for my American passport I will contact you guys again. Everybody was lovely and very helpful. I can trust them to handle everything professionally. Mr Salam is a great man. I will be contacting him again soon.”

Virginia Van Vlier Booker